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Share some of your pictures and we will post them.

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We went on a 2 hour trip with you while we were on our honeymoon you
were excellent. We caught at least 10 blues each of course my wifes was
I hope to fish with you again in the future I would really like to go
offshore next time thanks again

Rick Morrison
Tim and I had a great
day of fishing.  We
caught lots of
mackerel and several
stripers.  I even
caught a 33” striper!
Bruce gave us
guidance that really
helped us out.
Tim is an experienced
fisherman but got
important pointers for
the area.
We will be calling to go out again when we come back to
Kennebunkport and we will recommend you to anyone who wants to
experience a fun and exciting day of fishing.
Thanks for a memorable day

Thank you so very
much!  We had a ball
and I think Maine will
be our spot for long
weekend trips.  We
will be in touch a in
couple of months to
book our next fishing
trip if not sooner
The Scali Family
It was a great time
today aboard the
Libreti Rose II. My
family and I were
blessed to sail with
you, you were dead on
with your guidance
taking us right to the
mackerel and stripers.
This was the crowning
event to a wonderful
Maine vacation. Look
for us to come back
and sail with you again
the next time we come
to Maine.
Our time aboard the Libreti Rose II was unforgettable! We can’t thank Captain Bruce
enough for giving our family a small glimpse into his world and letting us experience his
deep passion for fishing and the sea. Not only did his skills and experience allow us to
catch multitudes of mackerel and large stripers. He made sure each member of the
family was safe, comfortable and having the time of their life.
We highly recommend this
experience for families with
children big and small.
We can’t wait to go fishing

We truly hope to have a
chance to go fishing with you
again. Thank you for the
Karen, Khai, Jack Madison,
and Olivia
The Gibbs Family
My wife and I took our two kids
on a 4 hour fishing charter with
Bruce.  None of us had much
fishing experience.  Bruce was
very knowledgeable and patient.
It was the highlight of our Maine
vacation.  The kids had a blast.  
Bruce even filleted our catch to
take with us.
I highly recommend Bruce and
the Libreti Rose.
The best part of our Maine
vacation was fishing on the Libreti
Rose II with Captain Bruce. We
learned a lot and Bruce went
above and beyond to make sure
we caught fish and had a great
time.  Thanks Bruce for making
our trip so memorable.

We had a great time on Captain Bruce's
boat. He was informative and very
helpful and made our experience a great
one.  We even had boats following us
because they wanted to know where the
fisherman fish.  We will be planning
another trip soon. I would recommend
this trip to anyone, young or old. If you
love to fish Libreti Rose II  is the boat for

Thank You,
Jim Paquette                
Back Street Grill
Capt. Bruce Hebert:
Bruce today was probably one of the best days I have
had on the water, thanks to you. We had great time
Striped Bass fishing, good seas and plenty of sun. A
dozen or more Stripers in half of a morning of fishing!!!
NOT BAD!! NOT BAD AT ALL. Looking forward to fishing
with you again.

John E. Abbruzzese
We had an amazing day of fishing
aboard the Liberti Rose II. Captain
Bruce was awesome! What a day
over 100 mackerel 2 Pollock’s and
a 25 inch striper!

Blais Family, Sutton MA
Thanks for having
us on board and
your patience for
the two rookies.  
We had a lot of fun
Best regards,
Mike and Morgan
Thank you so much for taking us out on
our fishing trip last week. We enjoyed
ourselves tremendously and really
appreciate all of the work that you did
to find us the great schools of fish and
make our trip truly memorable.  Alex
and I were happy to catch Strippers and
Blues and were very privileged to have
you as our guide.  We wish you great
fishing for the rest of the summer.

Cheyanne and Alex
Cait and I had such a good time with
Bruce.  We didn't want to stop
fishing.  It was obvious that Bruce
was motivated to find us fish and did
a fantastic job.  We landed about
nine 32-36" stripers and a blue fish in
three hours.  We hope to spend
another day with Bruce soon.  
Thanks for the good times and

John and Caitlin Foster
Anderson, Indiana
Thanks again!  I'm passing that picture around like crazy...that fish
was a beast.

Our group of three had a great time on the Liberti Rose.  We started
out catching a bunch of Blues and Captain Bruce seemed to know
just where to find them.  His knowledge of fishing and the local
waters were key and he was able to find fish for us to catch without
much trouble
In fact, other captains were asking him where to find
good fishing so we knew we were with the right guy.  We asked
him to find us some Stripers and although they weren't biting really
well, we did manage to catch a 42" monster.  I've never seen a
Striper so big and if it wasn't for Capt Bruce's coaching, I likely
wouldn't have hooked it.  He gave us plenty of advice and shared
some great stories with us as well.  It was a great day on the water
and we've got some good memories to get us through till next
summer when we can try our luck again on the Liberti Rose!
The Gallagher Family had a fabulous
time fishing with you!  Thank you for a
great catch of blue fish and a
memorable day. We certainly will
recommend you to anyone looking for
an exciting fishing trip!   We’re looking
forward to getting back out with you
again soon!

Chris, Mo, Seamus & Tom
Here is Daniel’s big catch this year, it was
amazing and so much fun!  Justin is hoping
to do the same next year, we’re keeping our
fingers crossed!  Wishing you a great winter
and looking forward to another great fishing
trip next summer.  

Thank you,
Madeleine Dockrill
Hey Captain,

Just a little note to thank you for
the awesome fishing today.
Though conditions were on the
rough side, your knowledge of
the area helped to minimize the
effects of the chop and that
allowed us to catch the biggest
fish we've ever caught! It was a
pleasure fishing with you and
we'll be back next year for sure.

Kevin and William Robinson
As you have done for the last three years you found the stripers hiding
in the rocks just waiting for you to bring the Libreti Rose so they can be
My wife, nephew  and I always enjoy your down home Maine manor on
your boat. It is always one of the highlights of our trip to Maine.

Pencil us in for two trips next year !
        Segal Family
This was my third trip
with Captain Bruce and
each trip was special in
it's own way. This last
trip was really special
because I not only
caught a monster bass  
but was able to release
it unharmed. Looking
forward to next season.

Best wishes,
Dr. Jeff
Thanks again for the trip.  We had a great time,
everyone should go fishing with Capt. Bruce


We were so impressed at how
dedicated Capt. Bruce was to
helping us have a great fishing
experience on our trip to Maine.
Thank you for your patience and
for sharing you knowledge of the
sea with us.  We will definitely be
This email is long overdue.  
enjoyed our fishing trip on
July 27.  You guaranteed
that we would catch
something, and you came
through.  I think Mitchell,
our 10 year old grandson,
enjoyed catching the
mackerel as much as the
bass. This fishing trip made
great memories for all of
us.  We had an awesome
Carol Manbeck
Captain Bruce,
Thank you again for an awesome
fishing trip.  We all had a blast, and
can't wait to do it again next
summer.  We are looking forward to
dinner tonight!!
Here are the Picts from today. Thanks
again for taking us out, we all had a
great time!

Hope you have a great summer.